Tostada de Guacamole

avocado, lettuce, cotija cheese, tomato, onion and cilantro

Totopos y Guacamole

crispy fried tortilla chips and creamy guacamole with pico de gallo


a big bowl of lime-marinated seafood of the day with pico de gallo and and chips


romaine tossed with a garlicky anchovy dressing, topped with cotija cheese and tortilla strips
half $5 / $9.00

Caesar con Ceviche*

caesar salad topped with lime-marinated seafood
half $8 / $14.00

Coctel de Pulpo

Tender Spanish octopus in a spicy cocktail sauce with pico de gallo, served with tostadas and saltines

Empanada del Dia

house made empanadas filled with seasonal ingredients

Sopa de Calabaza

roasted squash soup topped with a spicy poached wild Mexican shrimp and pepitas




Served on a house made corn tortilla with fresh onion and cilantro


crispy wild boar


pan fried fatty beef brisket

Carne Asada

grilled beef chuck steak

Cochinita Pibil

achiote seasoned pork roasted in banana leaves with house pickled onion


roasted and grilled St Helens beef tongue – YUM!

Pollo Asado

grilled Bare Farms chicken with chile marinade


sautéed fish of the day with chiles, cabbage and crema

Camarones a la Diabla

wild Mexican shrimp sautéed in a spicy red chile sauce, topped with pickled red onion and avocado sauce


poblano chile, grilled onion and seasonal vegetables



Mole del Dia

varying house made moles typically served with delicious grilled meat
$ Market Price

Enchiladas Verdes

tortillas folded into green tomatillo sauce, topped with lettuce, queso fresco, onion, crema and your choice of:

queso de Oaxaca
carne asada
wild boar carnitas
pollo asado
carne asada
calabacitas (spaghetti squash)
espárragos (grilled asparagus)


Bistec del Nueve*

grilled hanger steak, served over smoky pasilla Oaxaqueno chile sauce

Pulpo a la Brasa

grilled Spanish octopus with fingerling potatoes, slow roasted tomato and garlicky Caesar

Chile Relleno

roasted poblano chile filled with a mixture of Mexican cheese, served with a light tomato sauce




grilled asparagus tossed in lime and jalapeño topped with egg salad mayonesa



roasted spaghetti squash sautéed with epazote


roasted beets in a sour orange vinaigrette with whipped goat cheese, rajas and spicy hazelnuts


Yucca root fritters


Side guacamole


Side pico de gallo


Arroz Mexicano


Frijoles refritos


Frijoles negros


Side rice and beans


spicy pickled jalapeños, carrots, cauliflower and omions


Side of chips